Pandemic was merely the first act

Investing means looking ahead while avoiding flights of fancy, hubris and mental rigidities. It means comprehending the underlying shifts at work, imagining how these will play out – both here and now and in the longer term – and not forgetting the risks lurking behind the scenes. And with change being the only constant, we have to be able to act quickly and adjust our investment case whenever this is required. That is the thinking driving this new publication, Insights for 2022.

It contains our fundamental convictions by key theme, narrated first in writing, then more extensively through short video clips, accessible via a QR code. So are we heading for a recession or perhaps a bout of stagflation in 2022, given the upheavals caused by the pandemic? Do portfolios need more risk exposure? Which alternatives are feasible? What are the trends and sectors that should be overweighted from a long-term perspective?

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